Sunday, June 4, 2017


I now have an Instagram account (here and in the links at right.) On hearing this news, Darling Wife's response was, "Why?"

I didn't really have an answer. I like to take pictures to document what's going on. I realize I try to get one pic of every event we go to or participate in. I don't need 100 pics or extensive video. But I do like to have one pic of an event, whether it be a concert or a gig or a hike or a family event/birthday celebration. When I look back later, that one pic is enough to bring back memories.

Most of my FB posts are pictures of just these kinds of things. So, having a FB account, do I also need an Instagram account? Two weeks in, I have an answer to "Why?" FB is the place to share things with friends. Instagram is the place to share things with everyone, and see everyone's shared things.

For example, I recently wrote about enjoying the Little Feat concert. Well, I posted one pic and tagged it "#littlefeat". Then I tapped on the tag and saw other people's Feat pics and videos. Geotagging another pic as "French Creek State Park" let me tap on the location and see other people's pics from the park.

I won't post overly personal things there - just things that might be of general interest. I'm enjoying it.

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