Thursday, August 10, 2017

Folk Fest Prep

It's August, which means the Philadelphia Folk Fest is imminent. This is exciting for a few reasons.

First of all, the lineup is great. There are a couple of big names, which of course is great. But I'm most excited about how deep the lineup is. There are a *lot* of performers I'm really excited to see.

Second, camping with Buddha Shebang will be fun, as always. We've been to a couple of planning meetings (a good excuse to get together for a few beers), and we will eat like kings again. The jamming will be great, and I'm planning to bring a guitar, a mandolin, and a fiddle.

But what's different this year is that I'm volunteering. A couple of my friends and campmates have been volunteering for years, and I asked last year if they needed help. They said they probably would, and this summer they've guided me through the sign-up process. Fest is Thursday-Sunday, but setup starts this Sunday, and I'll be there for all of it.

What will I be doing? What's involved? I have a hazy (at best) idea. I'll just be there as unskilled labor. I'm not handy, and am unlikely to solve any tricky mechanical problems with a McGyver solution, but "move that pile of stuff from there to over there" is suited to my skill set.

As always, weather is the question looming over everything. But there's nothing we can do about it except keep our fingers crossed.

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Terri said...

This year, don't miss BAILE AN SALSA. Camp and Main Stages on Sunday!
Galway-based Baile An Salsa, an international band comprised of world-class musicians hailing from several different countries, seamlessly blends their passion for Traditional Irish Music with Latin Rhythms. This fusion, which they call “Salsa-Trad,” consists of original material composed by the band, blended with traditional Irish tunes. The appeal of "Salsa-Trad" is apparent in the band’s growing Irish and international fan base. Lead vocalist and founder of the band, Andres Martorell, whose vocal style incorporates melodies from various styles (including salsa, flamenco, and sean nós), performs songs in English, Spanish and Irish.